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Cabbages and Roses inspiration

Remember last week I had just bought the Cabbages and Roses Guide to Natural Housekeeping book?  Well, I had a quick flick through and thought I’d share some of my favourite ideas – ready?

Bouquet Garni Herbs – I used to use a lot of these in casseroles etc, but they are so expensive and hard to find.  C & R have come up with making your own.(let me know if you have problems reading it).  I love the idea of attaching a label to each ‘type’ of one you make so depending on what you are cooking, you can use the right Bouquet Garni.  Muslin is so cheap and how many of us have a glut of herbs in the garden which rarely get used? – I know I have.

Rosebud Potpourri.  Picking rosebuds off your rose bushes (great in theory) and then adding orange and lemon peel along with cinnamon sticks, cardamon pods or whole nutmegs.  It would be a great gift for someone if you could also find a pretty CS bowl to put it in – especially with Mother’s Day approaching. I love the idea but not about picking the buds off the roses! 

On a number of posts recently there’s been lots of talk about scraps of fabric.  C & R suggest binding those yucky metal wire coat hangers with fabric.  They mention the white waste selvedges from fabric, but equally our fabric scraps would also work.

I think the book is great as it’s practical and it utilises by and large what we all have in our own home.  There’s no unnecessary purchases needed, just some re-thinking about everyday items.

On a completely different note, I made a random purchase the other day after the school run – a polka dot raincoat, do you like it?  I thought it would be great for Spring and it had £5 off so the perfect excuse in my book. It’s navy and with polka dots so had my name on. I have pondered about taking it back but seeing as I’ve now shared my purchase with you all, I’d better keep it!

Bye for now!


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