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Bristol Harbour Festival

The holidays are in full swing and as always, my ambitious plans (including blogging) seem to be going out of the window……and we’re in August, how did that happen?  The big C word will be upon us before we know it.

Anyway, back to the present.  With thanks to our local news, we took a drive to the Bristol Harbour Festival on Saturday and what a fantastic event it was.  What made my ears prick was the word  ‘Free’ – always good when you have children!  We parked at the SS Great Britain – £1.60 for all day, and wandered along the harbour taking in all the glory on the water.

I apologise for the variety of photo’s – I forgot the camera and had to use hubby’s super duper one on his phone, but then realised when we uploaded the photo’s at home, some little person and put their finger over the lens so the photo’s were blurred!

My favourite tent – Make do and Mend!

The activities for the children were great.  Our two got involved in a spot of rope making, circus tricks and vegetable face making.  Their favourite activity was puppet making.  They then had to create a scene for their puppets, think of a storyline and then the organisers filmed their ‘show’ – to appear on You Tube later this week no less!!!  They were highly impressed!

Another favourite was the humble bike – and using the power of peddle to generate electricity.  The first 2 bikes were to generate a scalextric  which required an awful amount of leg power!  The next bike was to make pretty swirly pictures  (almost like a potters wheel set-up but on the back of a bike).  One person peddles and the other squirts paint on the paper to make a picture.

The last bike was to generate enough power to make a cheese toastie – and yes, in 6 minutes of peddle power you get a toastie – brilliant!

There were lots of concerts, stalls, food sellers, dancing and a whole load more.  Great organisation and all free – thank you Bristol, we’ll definitely be back again next year!


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