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Bric a Brac excitement

Well here we are again, back to another jam packed week! Did you all have a grand weekend – we certainly did.
We went off on our merry way back to glorious Sussex. Having read on someones blog a little while ago that there was a great antique-esq shop in Nutley, I thought we could take a jaunt en route to our fabulous B+B. Well, I wasn’t disappointed – lots of pretties to lust over…Blast, blast and blast I didn’t take any interior shots for you, but here are my purchases and believe me I could have bought so much more. Knowing that there were lots of ‘my sort’ of shops in Sussex, I thought I’d better control myself. Fortunately I was on my own, my other 3 male companions were far happier eating through a packet of biscuits and playing on DS’s!

I’m sorry the photo quality is pants – you just can’t get the light when you need it!

Off again, via a place called Wilderness Wood – great wood trail walks. We did seem to have an extra one along our walk – namely the owners dog. Jack thought it was great and promptly called him Timmy (from the Famous Five!). Sorry no photo’s…..

Once dropping our stuff of at the B+B (would certainly recommend it for anyone who wants to venture that way) we decided to head to Hastings. Now, on our last visit we ended up on the sea front amongst the arcades etc etc and didn’t fancy it, but having read bits about Hastings I knew that in the old part there were lots of fab bric a brac type shops – you know the ones? I was determined this time to find them and once found I wasn’t disappointed.

Cheer up doggy, you have a new home now…….

Why didn’t we ever keep the old milk bottles with ads on…….

Yipee for Mrs Pepperpot – remember her?

Ooohhhhh ladies you would have loved it. Lots of shops crammed and I mean crammed full of ‘stuff’. One place had furniture spilling out onto the pavement, you walked into it to find a cavern of numerous other outlets – amazing! The prices for some things were so cheap (compared to my neck of the woods), – probably as there’s so much competition. Having said all of that, I bought very little as it was overwhelming. Slap my hand again – no camera, but we are going back soon so will deliver some photo’s for you then.

A £1 for a great glass floral embossed dish.

Do I need another basket – why not?

Amongst these shops were retro ones, shops selling fantastic vintage clothing, bags, shoes, hats, brooches etc etc etc etc…………………

Remember Start-rite? This bag is oil cloth – how great is that? I can’t believe they used to hand out these with a new pair of shoes.

Probably for those who live near Hastings may wonder why I was so excited, but we don’t have anything as close to the number of these shops in my part of the world – maybe that’s a good thing…..!

In my next post I’ll share with you our day trip to Newhaven Fort where there was a Battle of Britain commemoration day, lots of WW vehicles, clothing, music and gaiety to be had!

So long folks.


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