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Now, this is the sort of stuff I don’t mind blowing past the window!  Without my lenses in this morning, I did briefly think it was snowing but to my relief it was only the glorious blossom blowing off the tree.

There is something so pretty and fresh about blossom., maybe, it’s because it’s the beginning of Spring.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Easter holiday’s, I feel slightly sad that it’s coming to the end of the break, and next week will be routine, packed lunches, school run and after school clubs……but the weather is getting better and there’s another 2 bank holiday’s coming up next month.

We recently popped to Ikea for a curtain pole, and whilst there this somehow popped into the trolley (yes I know you don’t need a trolley for a pole, but….).

I love the colours, and on closer inspection, I noticed that each triangle hadn’t been stitched individually.  The whole quilt is infact 1 piece of fabric.  They’ve then stitched down each triangle giving the impression that they are individual pieces of fabric.  I wish I could have done that with my patchwork curtain!!

I’m hankering after another project now, which makes hubby slightly nervous with the fear that it might involve him!  I think it’ll involve fabric so he needn’t worry!  I’ll let you know when I’m underway!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


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