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Back to it…….

Hope everyone had a good Easter and had their fill of Easter eggs. I think we’ll be eating ours for a while yet. Yesterday I found some chocolate coins from Christmas……..they can go in the bin!

We popped to a car boot sale on Saturday and I feel quite annoyed with myself as I saw a whole box of knitting needles and didn’t enquire about them – doh! I did however have my eyes on a whole stack of small terracotta pots which I thought would be ideal for my seeds. I asked how much they were and the seller said I could have the whole lot for £1.00! I didn’t argue as I got 60 of them!

I also got a carrier bag full of buttons for £3.00 so not a bad buy all in all.

If you remember a little while ago I had bought some great CK ‘London’ fabric. Well I put some of it to use – some heart heat mats. I’ve used a contrasting fabric on the reverse, put some cotton batting in the middle and lightly filled it with ground cloves to give a lovely fragrance. I’ve put them on the website, but if anyone wants to buy one, let me know. They’re £4.99 each.


  • Hiya!

    Yes we have an absolute truck load of chocolate in our house all for the girls. And they also got some more non chocolatey pressies too!

    I love the heat mats. I have made some of these in the past. They are really lovely with a waft of scent with your cuppa! Yours are lovely with the CK fabric.

  • I really must get to a car boot sale, but Mr P is resisting… perhaps when he is on his travels in the states I will whisk the kids off to one…

    sounds like you got some lovely bits and bobs though…

    Those mats are lovely, what a nice idea to put something scented inside them…

    X Alex

  • bex says:

    the hearts look good. a bag of buttons!! congratulations! good luck with the seeds!

  • Wow! a carrier bag of buttons for £3 fantastic.
    Maybe you’ll stitch some to your crocheting. (When you’ve learnt later on this year!)
    It really is easy and very theraputic. The hardest part is getting used to holding the wool in your fingers, just like when you learned to knit! Go on, I dare ya!

    Love Fi x

  • Mummy Boo.. fabulous idea for scenting the mats.

    I love your mats. Very simple & sweet. I can’t wait to start flea market, yard sale and garage sale driving here. I’m looking forward to it this year. Good price for so many clay pots.

  • Shabby Chick says:

    They are lovely, I think the fabric is great. I must check out your site :)

    Mel xxx

  • Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by my site – hope to see you again.
    Am loving that London fabric!

  • Jemm says:

    What great finds!! I was just commenting on Shabby Chick’s blog that we just don’t have good sales like you do. Deals are hard to come by where I live. Very pretty hearts! :)

  • Oh i do the same at a car boot and then i come home all frustrated and mad with myself so you are not on your own.

    Love the London fabric have a good week best wishes Pat

  • Vintage Tea says:

    What lovely heat mats!

    Victoria xx

    PS thanks for the good idea of a knitted patchwork blanket!


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