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Another week, another half term

Wow, that half term seemed to vanish didn’t it? In typical fashion, we woke yesterday morning to snow so made the drive to school interesting. Come on Spring, where are you, we’ve seen glimmers of you………

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my shoes.  You’ll never guess where I got them from, well some of you might – Primark, yes that’s right Primark and I had such a struggle choosing a colour as there were a few different ones including a dreamy dusky pink, and they were such a bargain price too.

Our half term ended on a high with a jaunt to Lewes.  I did take the camera, but only remembered at the last moment, so here is one snapshot of Lewes! Both boys decided to run down the hill which was rather steep and I did have visions of a trip to A & E, but all was OK.

We had intended to go to Anne of Cleves house which is in Lewes as we had done the castle on a previous trip, but unfortnately it was closed.  Another reason to go back again!

I did however, find some bargain buys, including some pretty Easter goodes.  I’m tempted to keep them out on display just to brighten up the place!  This weather’s making the house seem very dreary!

I also managed to find 2 great fabric shops – 1 was actually overwhelming, I just couldn’t decide what fabric to buy as there was so much choice.  I don’t think I did too badly with my choices…..

These were my finds, I’m looking forward to putting them out, when time permits.  My favourite one is the little china girl and the look on her face.

That’s it for now, have a great day!


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