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Am I addicted…………?????

To Union Jacks and spotty/dotty items???? You my recall on previous posts my purchases of various spotty items, along with my love of the ever popular Union Jacks.

I can’t seem to get enough of them and always jump on anything I see. These are the latest –

The lovely padded hangers came from TK Maxx and I thought they were a bargain at £3.99.

The other 2 beauties came from our trip out last Saturday. We took the boys to the National Waterways museum in Gloucester near the docks which they loved as there were lots of hands on activities for them. As it was some sort of special day we managed to get in for free, which was even better!

Whilst we were there I quickly popped into the soldiers museum shop which was near by – I know it’s not very girly but I spied, yes you guessed it a Union Jack tea-towel. There are many out there at the moment which are quite expensive and I got this one for £2.99. I also got some great postcards which I’ll show you on another post.

The cupcake flags came from a lovely shop in Stroud.
I did think it hadn’t been a busy week, but with our trip out, a visit to see Monsters v Aliens at the cinema, meeting friends at a local country park, seed sewing, mowing the lawn and other general domestic duties, baking endless cakes, Jack’s tooth falling out, hair cut, almost finishing my orders…..,anniversary, blogging! it’s no surprise I feel pooped.
We’re off to Bicester tomorrow not to do all the premium outlet bit (but I may have a look) but there happens to be a CK outlet store there so I may have to stumble in to see what they’ve got. It’ll be rude not to go in surely?


  • LittleGem says:

    Those hangers are lovely, I love padded ones but I have nowhere to display them and its rude to keep them hidden in the wardrobe isnt it? You should definatly take a little detour to the CK outlet 😉 It would be rude not to! x

  • Emily Pickle says:

    Red with white polka dots always looks lovely. I don’t have any clothes nice enough for such fab hangers! Have fun at the CK shop, can’t wait to see what you buy, will be very jealous! Kate x

  • bex says:

    your right! it would indeed be very rude if you did not pop in!! let me know what it is like…im in cheltenham and bicester is in oxford right?? might be able to rope my boyfriends mum into taking me!

  • Vintage Tea says:

    Eeeeek I need to get myself to TK Maxx and get me some of those hangers! I too am addicted to red and white polka dots at the moment!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  • Josie-Mary says:

    I love the hangers, I have a thing about red spots!!! Hope you have a great time at CK, I went there once…it was great I got a tablecloth, guess what?? it was red & white spots!!
    I’ve been looking for the little union jack flags, found them on the net but the postage is very high. :)

  • Your hangers are great. Love the vibrant red colors!

  • Shabby Chick says:

    Enjoy the CK outlet! I’d love a poke around in there. I love spotty dotty things and union jacks too, that tea towel was a bargain!

    Mel xxx

  • I am with you on the red polka dot stuff ive had to stop buying it as starting to take over !!
    love that teatowel – hope you enjoyed Bicester!
    Lesley x

  • Jemm says:

    I love the spotty hangers!!

  • I love all your goodies, I must admit I am getting ready to make george and the gragon flags and decorations for St Georges day…

    I have never been to a CK shop but I have seen plenty of her stuff doted around Sherborne…

    Have a great weekend and you can email me your details on

    I have a good idea of the type of things you might like… and I will pop back to read more later, thank you for taking part

    X Alex

  • Hello
    Thank you for vistiting my blog. I do like coat hangers. I have a Boden top like that and 1950’s plates in that design too. As you can tell it is a design I like a lot!
    I am yet to visit CK in Bicester. Hen at Henhouse (blog) bought some lovely things from there. Hope it was a successful day for you.
    Have a lovely Easter
    Isabelle x


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