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Count down here till the end of the week when our school breaks up.  I worked out that the boys’ are at school for a grand total of 9 days this month!  Jack’s off today with a nuisance cold and cough.  My throat’s a bit scratchy….really don’t fancy catching it.

I hope everyone had a lovely, restful Mother’s Day.  For once Toby’s football was on a Saturday so we had a rare Sunday off and to make the most of it we trotted off to a NT which was beautiful.  On the way I spotted a rather large car boot which got me excited.  I’ve never seen so much tat in one place.  There wasn’t even a hint of a bargain.  Never mind, early days.

Hughenden Manor used to be the home of Benjamin Disraeli and where Queen Victoria used to visit.  It always amazes me when walking round places like Hughenden that such iconic people walked where we were.

The gardens were glorious, in particular the kitchen garden – oh to have a walled garden!

I was very lucky as for my Mother’s Day treat I was bought Mr and Mrs Salt and Pepper from CK.  Almost too good to be used, but are now full ready to go.

Right, off to knit some more bunny egg cosies and be nurse for the day (wish me luck!).


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