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Thank goodness for the 1st February.  Not quite out of the woods yet, but verging on it.  Isn’t it great to have slightly lighter early evenings now?

Due to the incessant darkness of  winter, I’ve been drawn to bright colours at the moment and it had only dawned on me whilst curtain making and decorating that there’s definitely a theme going on! – 

What colours are floating your boat at the moment?


  • I’m in love with the wreath.
    I don’t feel spring-like yet. I’m still thinking red because of St. V’s day. I did notice my daffs poking through the soil though, so maybe soon. xx

  • ps – my word verification was ‘mermousie’. Do you think they might exist????

  • Green thumb says:

    Beautiful wreath, Sarah!
    Oh and yes, lighter early evenings surely cheer us all up!

  • MelMel says:

    Anything bright cheerful!
    I’m so glad to see the back of Jan…..tttooooo dreary!

    Bring on the spring!

    Your home is looking so vibrant!x

  • LOVE the Wreath!!
    The colors floating my boat are the lovely balls of yarn in my basket awaiting their new life as a Granny Square blanket
    Daffodil Yellow, Snowdrop White, Sky Blue, Spring Green, Bright Pink and RED!!!
    just have to finish my locker hooked project and I’m set!!

  • PinkCat says:

    I’m in need of bright colours too. I have some bright pink and blue canvas shoes in my wardrobe waiting to be worn in the warmer weather and they scream ‘summer’ at me every time I open the warrobe door.

    I love the wreath – very cheery. Happy 1st February! x

  • Oooh, love all your bright and cheery pics. Yellow, definitely, yellow.

  • KC'sCourt! says:

    I love bright warm colours
    Julie xxxxxxx

  • Serenata says:

    Oh I am pleased it is February as well. January seemed such a write off for me.

    Love the colourful wreath!

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I absolutely adore your wreath, its beautiful, I keep going back and looking at it!
    I too adore yellow and my kitchen is painted in a colour called Lamplighter Yellow and was just thinking I need to freshen it up for Spring!!!
    Andrea x

  • Florrie says:

    I think colour has the power to lift your mood and put a spring in your step……loving all your colourful makes, especially the wreath, such an original idea.
    florrie x

  • I’m liking soft, pastel colours at the moment – greens, pinks, lemons – easing into the more colourful summer colours!

  • Your wreath is gorgeous, what an original idea. I’m loving most shades at the moment, I seem to be just buying whatever things take my fancy now and not worrying too much about how they look together (I think I’m just growing up). Greens, blues, creams and pinks are my main ‘thing’ at the moment xx

  • bellaboo says:

    I struggle to get out of my cosy bed at 7am! It’s dark,and feels like the middle of the night.I can’t wait to get out in the garden and do a bit of tidying up,but it’s too damp and cold to venture out there yet! I’m enjoying the colour of a miniature rose my neighbour gave me,a lovely cherry red.
    Enjoy the rest of the week. :0)

  • Bella Bobbin says:

    The wreath is so lovely! I noticed yesterday that it was still light at 4.30pm – made me smile! I seem to be drawn towards my little girls room at the moment – it is pastel pinks and blues and greens and yellows – think I may be craving after a bit of Spring! I even saw a Hare in the lane when I dropped my eldest at nursery yesterday (hoping it wasn’t just my imagination!!)

  • Your wreath is so yummy, I love the colours.

  • Penelope says:

    Hello Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet you. I love your wreath of happy yarn goodness, such a fun idea. I NEED loads of colour at this time of the year and am happy with anything as long as it’s not grey! xox

  • Hello again, would you please accept the Stylish Blogger Award? As you know, I love your blog and would be honoured if you would accept.

  • Louise says:

    How does that Laura Ashley paint cover. I would love to redo our bedroom in that Cowslip colour. Just the shade I am looking for. x


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