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All about the weather

I know the weather seems to be a constant source of conversation, and just when we thought we had reached the heady heights of summer today, I believe it all goes downhill again from tomorrow! The wildlife and plants don’t seem to know whether it’s coming or going either.  By now I would have picked enough Elderflower to make various jams etc,  but I only just got enough yesterday to make my first batch of Elderflower Jam this year.

I love the smell of Elderflowers, but I know for some it’s not a pleasant one!  I’ve left a dozen Elderflower heads soaking in water (for 3 days) and every now and then I get a gentle waft of their fragrance.

Whilst on my bike today I did spot a huge bush full of flower so have earmarked those to make Elderflower and Strawberry Jam!

Fingers crossed that we have many more days like today – especially with the summer hols on the horizon – where did that school year go?


Homes and Antiques Magazine

After having a rather unproductive day yesterday – you know the sort – when one thing goes wrong, there then seems to be a snowball effect for the rest of the day.  Even a cycle in the sunshine didn’t alter the course of the day.  Until I flicked through the July issue of Homes and Antiques Magazine.

Within the nautical article was one of my ‘sweet little seaside boats’  proud of place on a window sill!

When you get asked to send items off to press, you’re never quite sure if your product will be suitable for the shoot they are doing so to find that the boat had made it in certainly made my day!


Sweet Little Seaside Boats

You can find them on the Interior Accessories page should you be interested!

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