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Spring for me

is being able to wake up in the morning, look out of my bedroom window and see an array of colourful blossom, hear the bees buzzing away, and listen to the wood pigeon’s in the trees.

Walk downstairs to a colourful bunch of daffs and tulips.
Happily walk outside without a coat, wander around the garden and look at the buds coming out in the trees

see my primrose in our woody area getting bigger and bigger

watch Jack’s seeds sprout through the earth

marvel at the delicacy of some of the flowers along our footpath

and best of all breath in the cool air and think how wonderful that it’s Spring.

Decorating, knitting and sewing

Back to Monday again………hope everyone had a good weekend? Mine was spent decorating, knitting and sewing and not in an order I would have liked but never mind!

Those who have read my earlier posts would have seen that I had decided on Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green for our bedroom. It was that colour originally but I had decided to have a change, didn’t really like it so went back to the original colour. Hubby of course said that if I had listened to him in the first place we wouldn’t be re-decorating it again!! So what…….

As much as I like the result, I get bored painting edges, especially when we have 5 doors to paint round in the room! Hope you like it as I’m pleased to be back in green again.

In between decorating I had to knit a bunny for a customer which I’ve done quite a lot of recently so I was knitting quite furiously to get him/her finished to post in time for Easter. I always seem to be busy making things for everyone else, I don’t have time to just sit and enjoy sewing or knitting things for me……….however I had some pretty retro fabric so played around with that and made a little toiletry bag. I sewed in some ribbon at the side to tie it up and all in all it came out quite well – what do you think?

Cupcake heaven!

During the week I had made some pretty little cupcake flags, but not had a chance to make some cakes to display them.

This morning, before anything else hindered me I made some cakes and voila! done. Unfortunately I had an additional 2 pairs of hands to help/hinder me. They were rather over zealous with the toppings and a job which doesn’t really take too long seemed to take forever. Never mind they look good enough to eat – ha ha which I’m going to do later today as a treat with a good book and a huge cup of coffee.

Alternatively I might sit and surf/read blogs. Hubby thinks I need the laptop surgically removed from my side……

Hope you get up to some fun things this weekend.

What’s your thing………..??

I thought I’d share with you the last of my week’s goodies, and realised that I have a thing about spots and dots or whatever you want to call them. I have lots of blouses which are spotted and I jumped on the sunglasses when I saw them. Toby is always highly embarrassed with my array of ‘different’ sunglasses, he’s given up trying to persuade me not to wear them. All I need now is to find a spotty pair of shoes!!

The dark blue pencil set were on special offer in Tesco’s – under a £1, the red pen was on special too, again under a £1. The other set – pencils, ruler, rubber and sharpener were £1. How fantastic is that.

I love dots and spots – what’s your thing – dots, stripes, or checks???????????

More patriotic goodies……………

I’ve decided to take stock for the next 30 mins with a very large cup of freshly brewed coffee…….You know how some mornings just don’t go to plan despite doing the same routine day in day out – how that happens goodness knows.

Anyway, Jack’s off again, he went back to school yesterday and then struggled with coughing and doing PE etc. Hubby is leaving later this week, so I don’t think that helped this morning’s proceedings. We got in the car, picked up Jack’s friend (we car share) and off we went. Got to school, Toby got out, opened the boot and realised that there was no bag or lunchbox in there. Aagh I thought. Don’t worry I said, let me get you into school, I’ll drive home then come straight back again…………..

Jack sat in the car, whilst Toby, Jack’s friend and I went into the gates. In order to speed up the process, I asked one of the mum’s to make sure they went into the classrooms so I could dash home. Unfortunately we have 2 mile each way trip to school (don’t get me started on that one!) and the traffic is not great at the best of times.

On the way home I realised that I hadn’t told Jack’s teacher that he wasn’t going to be in. Heh ho – they would have figured that one by now.

To cut a long story short, got the bag into school and all in all wasted 30 extra minutes. It doesn’t sound a lot but time seems such a precious commodity when you don’t have enough of it. Phew done!

Onto more interesting things – last week a customer emailed me to say that she had seen my patriotic painted hearts and she would like a set for her husband. Normally I don’t get to hear people’s stories as to why they need particular items in a hurry, but she said that her husband is a soldier and was going away that weekend. They have 3 sons and she wanted each son to give him one of my patriotic hearts. How could I refuse. That was so sweet.

I got them made and sent in time and she was pleased. I wonder if he’s taken them with him…………I hope so, they’ll remind him of his 3 sons.

Onwards and upwards

Children will be Children

Jack was off school yesterday with a barking cough, inevitable really as Toby had it last week. Anyway, he does enjoy all his creative activities and being at home gave him the perfect opportunity to get on with it.

He made a table and chair out of paper and replicated what he thought our table looks like at meal times. He drew mats, plates, cutlery, a coffee pot?? and he sneaked some ice-cream on too. Our whole loft is filled with all of their creations and I find it really hard to separate those to keep and those to (shhhh ‘bin’)!

Later that evening they were both in the bath and got onto the subject of where babies come from. I remained out of sight as I didn’t want to be drawn in on the conversation. Jack thought it would be great if men could have boy babies and ladies have girl babies! Toby then complicated things by saying that Jack had come out of my ‘butt’ (sorry ladies to be crude). Jack thought that was disgusting. Fortunately that ended the discussion.

I’m really not looking forward to the time when we have to discuss the birds and the bees. I’m more than happy to talk about most things with them, but not ‘that’! As we have 2 boys, I’ll leave it to hubby………..maybe not!


Bex from Bexs Buttons was kind enough to give me an award last week, and I’ve got to name 7 things I love along with sending the award to 7 other blogs, so here goes

1. My husband

2. My children

3. My home

4. Beads and bangles

5. Old Enid Blyton books

6. Vintage children’s toys


I would like to pass the award onto 1. Bertie Meadows
2. KitschenPink
3. Button Tree Crafts
4. Jemm in the Flint Hills
5. Periwinke Park
6. Notes from my days
7. Vintage heaven
I’ll be back later…….with more ramblings!


For Toby’s birthday, my parents bought him a fab collection of all things to do with birds. The first was a beautiful birdhouse painted in white and blue and looks quite like the Cape Cod esq clapboard houses. That is now sitting very happily in a tree. When I work I can watch all the birds taking a look!

The second was a variety of bird seeds and each mix is designed to attract different birds. Unfortunately the photo didn’t show them.

Then there was a pair of binoculars, and 2 fantastic bird books. We have been in our element. The binoculars are strategically placed ready to spy on the birds. We’re fortunate enough to have such a collection of different birds anyway and now we’ve got a book to help us identify them. Jack especially has been enjoying the hunt for birds. He even put some fabric in the birdhouse to make the birds more comfortable!

Now Toby’s ‘9’ he doesn’t want to appear getting too excited by bird watching! For the rest of us however, I think we’ve found a new family hobby!!

Easter treats

I promised to share with you some of my ‘bargain’ purchases this weekend. So many bloggers had been talking about CK being in TK Maxx so I couldn’t resist taking a look. I don’t tend to go in there as I can’t be bothered rummaging through lots of clothes, but as I was looking at homeware it didn’t really matter! I did see a CK bath mat at a snip of a price, but didn’t get it – eh? Very silly of me.

However, I did purchase a lovely felt watering can filled with chocolates. They also had chocolate animals which I couldn’t resist! It’s a shame they’re not made of tin as they look too nice to eat.

I thought the watering can went really well with the Easter felt basket I got in Paperchase, what do you reckon? I’ll look forward to displaying them today.

In fact I can’t believe that Easter is so near and the schools break up at the end of next week – I can’t wait. Although it hasn’t been too long a term, the boys are definately tired. I think it’s end of winter syndrome.

Would love to get out in the garden this week in between work and domestic chores, but we’ll see. Sometimes all good intentions don’t quite go to plan as we all know.

Lots to chat about this week so may have to put 2 posts in at some stage – sorry!

All came good in the end

I hope all you mummies had a lovely day and were suitably pampered?!

Mine was such a busy one and started at 4.45am this morning when Toby woke up (it’s his 9th birthday today) and wanted to open his presents. We weren’t forthcoming as you could imagine, however Jack woke up 30 minutes later so that’s when we started the day!

He loved his presents and by 7am we were done and dusted. I had a lovely card and was treated to a pot of coffee in bed. I then proceeded to moan (a little!) about the day ahead – football match, then mad dash back to have a hasty lunch then back out for Toby’s go-karting treat with some friends. On top of that I had to get some work done. When I got up and heard the news about poor Jade Goody, I did feel extremely guilty. What right did I have to moan??

To cut a long story short, all the boys enjoyed the karting which was the main thing. We then decided to have a drink in a pub garden. The 4 boys played in the park and us 4 adults sat and chatted. It was lovely having a glass of wine at 3.30 in the afternoon!

I’m now going to indulge in another glass of wine along with bar of chocolate with my name on! Yipee!

See you tomorrow.

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